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Dear readers,

as of today, I will be posting my home and interior posts on Graziasl.com again.
I thought it was a good idea to separate the two blogs, but  truth is, I simply lack the time to maintain two blogs the way I want to.
I hope you will visit me at my main blog!

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Avalon Town

This month, long-time Avalonian Samara Furse-Barzane shows selections from her extensive collection at the Avalon Town Exhibit Hall.

A resident since 2007, Samara has been an avid arts enthusiast since she first visited Cetus soon after her rezzday, where she seems to have had some bizarre adventures: ‘Ask me about the cannon and the exploding sheep. Recommendation, do not hit the sim owner with a cannon ball!’ Her Avalon show reflects her long collecting history.

She is perhaps best known as the owner and curator of Park Galleries, which she took over from the late Artistic Fimicoloud, and which she finally closed in December 2011. She has also owned and operated a translation agency [now closed] and her other virtual work includes CSR at ETD  and Fleur, Store Manager for MichaMi, and Sim Manager for Copley Square. She retired from SL commerce to work on her own photomontages which…

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Sogno Courtyard by Barnesworth Anubis for C88


Barnesworth Anubis, one of my all time favourite builders, has released this beautiful courtyard with a loggia for Collabor88.

The build is only L$ 188 and the matching furniture pack is L$ 188 too. It reminds me of the hot late afternoons in Italy, where the sky would suddenly overcast and a hell of a thunder storm would break loose. But we were in the loggia, and we had our books, and wine and iced tea with us, so we were merely enjoying the drop of temperature and the smell of ozone in the air.

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