Down Town New Orleans


Gosh, I realise I have been blogging Collabor88 mostly for the past few months, but I put myself on a budget and the deals at C88 are just so awesome, and since this month, I’ve been added to the Collabor88 blog list, so I proudly show you the new sky box Barnesworth Anubis has made for this edition. New Orleans is a 2 space loft with a nice balcony and NO quarter surrounding

Used furniture: Harford patio set by Pilot, Priya sofa by Mudhoney, Frezza rug by The Loft


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Pilot Grand Opening on August 25

Kaz Nayar has been dedicating his time recently to creating furniture that has a bit of a manly look and feel as a counter weight to all the girly shabby chic that we see so much of (and love). Coming Saturday, his shop Pilot will celebrate its Grand opening.

All furniture in above pic is from Pilot, from the Horatio patio set (texture changing pillows, out at the opening) and the Bridges Bar cart to the Bohn Crate shelf. Other items added are a linen rug from Y’s house, an old freebie Gibson Guitar which was hidden in the depths of my inventory (how it ever survived all the purges is still a mystery to me), a taxiderm Canary from Schadenfreude and a birds drawing from Zigana. Everything carefully watched by my Boris, a great dane from Zooby.

Stockholm @ Collabor88

Another beautiful skybox from Barnesworth Anubis for this month’s Collabor88. This brick and white chalked loft is available with and without furniture, but for a grand total of L$ 388, I did totally get the full pack. The only thing that didn’t come with the skybox is the Stockholm collage “Dansmuseet” from Samara Barzane.

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June Collabor88: Barnesworth Anubis

Another creator who never disappoints at Collabor88 is Mr. Barnesworth Anubis. This month he has released a pretty Palm Springs Cottage. Good old prim work, so no mesh viewer needed! You can either buy it unfurnished or furninshed, but either way, It’s a great deal.

For the decoration of the cottage, I used the furniture that Barnesworth has out at Collabor88, as well as some pieces of his Mullholland House furniture pack.

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June Collabor88: Trompe l’Oeil

Cory Edo of Trompe l’ Oeil has done it again. For June’s edition of Collabor88 she has released this mesh, furnished, skybox where Mr. Draper would feel right at home.
If you have never been before to Collabor88 , you are missing out every month on some great furniture and builds from some of SL’s finest creators!

Also, if you don’t have the space for this skybox, but still want some retro touches to your interior, Ms Edo has released the living room and dining room furniture separately in a LOT of different colors. Below you see the white three cushion seat and the pearl artichoke lamps, because I just simply love white furniture!

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Preview: Dutchie for Home & Garden Expo

On May 19, the annual Home & Garden expo will open it’s doors again, and I’m so excited with everything that will be out there. Like the new polder houses from Dutchie. Really, you won’t get it any more characteristic than this! Also, here is a little close up of some of the new things that Dutchie will have out, a new bath  and an outdoor loo. All info on Home and Garden expo, you will find here

Home Sweet Home

When the sun sets and the sound of cicadas and the surf seem to be the only sounds around, then it’s time to go up to the terrace, light the fire on the bbq, make a couple of margaritas and dance the night away with friends to some mellow reggae tunes.

This is our home… I’d love to see yours. Will you let me take pics of it and blog about it?

Contact me in world.

  • Cape Cod Beach Bungalow by Sid Fisher (583 prims, 25×40 m base) for Fisher Constructions
  • Coco Palm with Hammock – Green and Blue from Lilith Heart for Heart Garden Center